Keeping your energy bills down is really important. There are many things you can do to help.

For example:

  • Electric hot water system on full tariff can be expensive to run. You may be able to switch lower cost “off peak” tariff. Check with your energy provider or ask your electrician / installer about options available to you.
  • High efficiency, solar and heat pump water heaters can be a lower running cost alternative, particularly compared to an electric water heater on continuous tariff or an older.
  • Temperature Pressure Relief Valve can be found on storage models only. It is always near the top of the water heater, at the same level as the hot water outlet.

By gently lifting the Hot water system Ht55 lever up, you can release this valve every 6 months, so your water heater runs safely.

During each heating period, the hot water valve releases a bit of water through the drain line. When the Electric hot water system heats the water, it expands by 1/50 of its volume.

Continuous leakage of water from the hot water valve and its drain line
may indicate a problem with the water heater.

Temperature pressure relief valves and cold water relief valves should be replaced every 5 years, according to the manufacturer.

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