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Need a reliable, professional plumber in Parkinson? You can count on Paul’s Plumbing’s team of licensed plumbers. Parkinson residents and businesses trust us to take care of their plumbing needs.



The Parkinson plumbing team is fully qualified, with a wealth of experience in a variety of plumbing services, so we can always take care of your around-the-clock plumbing needs call Paul on 0406 071 659



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The range of plumbing services we provide is extensive, and we can handle any and all problems.



Do you have leaky taps in your house? Are there any blocked or slow drains? Do you have a bathroom that needs renovation? Maybe you have a leak in your shower that you can’t find? With many years of experience, Paul’s Plumbing strives to deliver the best results to every client, regardless of the project’s size.



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Owned and operated locally for over 14 years, Paul’s Plumbing is ready to meet all your plumbing needs in Parkinson. We provide local plumbers in my area  in Parkinson and throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, and Logan.



Paul’s Plumbing can assure residents and businesses in Parkinson that no matter what the plumbing problem, it will be handled in a highly professional manner. With customer satisfaction at the forefront of our minds, we take pride in our workmanship and are committed to completing our jobs to a very high standard. We guarantee our workmanship 100% of the time, on every job. Call Paul on 0406 071 659.



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Do you have a plumbing emergency? We’re just a phone call away 24 hours a day. Give us a call on 0406 071 659.



Anytime, whether it’s four in the afternoon or two in the morning. We can help if your hot water system leaking or isn’t working, if you have a blocked drain Parkinson or if you need a shower combo replaced. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Local Plumber Parkinson 0406 071 659



Paul’s Plumbing offers a wide range of professional, reliable plumbing services in Parkinson. Call 0406 071 659 or fill out our quick online plumber booking request form.



FAQs about plumbing



What is the most effective way to find a water leak?



To pinpoint the source of your leak, a local plumbers in my area needs specialized leak detection equipment.



How do you unblock a badly blocked toilet without a plunger?



    1. Pour Hot Water Into Toilet Bowl. Fill up a pot or pitcher with hot water from the tub. …
    1. Add Dish washing Detergent. …
    1. Combine Vinegar and Baking Soda. …
    1. Try the Toilet Brush. …
    1. Employ a Wire Hanger Snake. …
    1. Use a 2-Liter Soda Bottle.



If none of these solutions work, a blocked toilet plumber is required.



Can anyone fix my hot water system leaking?



Your best bet if your hot water system breaks down is to call a hot water plumber in Parkinson



What is the most effective way to unblock a drain?



When you have a blocked drain Parkinson you need a blocked drain services plumber as there is a risk of damaging your foundation when there is a blockage. Using our hydro jet drain cleaning jetter, we can clear your drain fast.



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local plumbers in my area on 0406 071 659.












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