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Most homeowners don’t think about their hot water system until it stops working. Leaks in hot water systems can go undetected for days or weeks, depending on how bad they are.

When your hot water system leaks, you may not just damage the system but also your floors, walls, and furniture. To prevent an unexpected leak, it is important to have your hot water system serviced on a regular basis.

Hot water systems can spring a leak due to a variety of factors including a faulty pressure relief valve, a damaged tank, loose pipe fittings, and high water pressure. Depending on what caused the leak, you can fix it with a minor repair or replace the whole thing.
Here’s our complete guide to fixing a leaking hot water system, including:

When Should You Repair a Leak?

What To Do If Your Hot Water System Is Leaking

How do leaky hot water systems occur?

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Fixing a Leaking Hot Water System

The best thing you can do when your hot water system leaks water is act right away. When you ignore a leak, you could turn it into a big problem, and even force you to replace your system.

When you notice a leak, the first thing you need to do is identify where it is coming from.

1) Locate the leak

It’s critical to confirm that the leak is coming from the hot water system or the pipes leading into or out of it. It’s critical to figure out if water is coming from the top or bottom of the hot water tank.

Pressure relief valve leaks

You can fix the leak by lifting the pressure relief valve three or four times. By opening and closing the valve, you’ll clear any blockages.
If the leak persists after opening and closing the pressure relief valve several times, Paul’s Plumbing can replace the valve for an inexpensive and minor fix.

Is there a leak coming from the top or the bottom?

Electric or solar systems should be turned off when a leak appears from the top or bottom of the tank. Circuit breakers in the fuse box allow you to cut power to the hot water system while keeping other appliances running.

If you’re inspecting an electric or solar hot water system that leaks, don’t leave the power on. You shouldn’t run your heating element if your hot water tank leaks.

2) Turn off the water supply

Once you’ve found the leak, turn off the hot water supply. This will prevent further damage from water leaks.

Turning off the hot water system

A black tap or round dial should be on the bottom of the system. Here’s where cold water comes from. Turn the tap clockwise to switch it off completely. If you can’t find the tap or it’s corroded or seized, turn off the water mains.

Water Mains Turned Off

Your water main is usually in a black box near your water meter or on the side of your house. If you live in an apartment, look under the kitchen sink or laundry sink. Once you’ve found the water mains, turn the tap off.
Make sure you fill up some bottles of water for drinking and buckets for flushing the toilet while you’re waiting for the hot water specialist.

3) Call A Plumber

When hot water leaks, there’s often a bigger issue. There may be a quick fix for the leak, but if you don’t fix it right, you may have to replace the whole thing.

Because they use water, electricity, and gas, hot water systems can also cause serious injuries if handled wrong.

You should call a hot water professional as soon as you shut off the power and water to the tank. Within 24 hours, a leaking hot water system can get really bad.

 Paul’s Plumbing is ready to help if your hot water system leaks 0406 071 659

Why do hot water systems leak?

Hot water leaks can be caused by a variety of things. Most hot water systems have pressure relief valves that release small amounts of water periodically. Hot days may cause this more often, but it’s perfectly normal.

Another possible cause is a damaged tank, faulty pressure relief valves, loose fittings, or high water pressure inside the tank.

Damaged hot water tank

The tank may have started to corrode, causing cracks and fractures and leaking water. You should call a plumber right away if this happens. Leaving corrosion unattended will only make it worse.

Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

A puddle under a PRV may mean the valve needs to be replaced.

Dust and grit can damage the seal in the valve. It’s important to have your hot water system serviced every 5 years to prevent grit and other particles from damaging your PRV. A damaged pressure relief valve will shorten the life of your hot water system.

Pipe fittings that are loose

A pipe fitting on a hot water system can loosen over time, leaking water. This can be exacerbated by harsh weather.

Pauls Plumbing can help you  if you’re unsure whether your hot water system needs to be repaired or replaced.

Water Pressure

Water pressure over 500kpa can cause your hot water tank to leak. It’s easy to fix this problem by installing a pressure reduction valve.

An expert plumber at Paul’s Plumbing can test your water pressure to make sure it’s not too high for your hot water system. If it is, the pressure limiting valve can be easily replaced.

We have highly trained technicians who are familiar with all of the major brands of hot water systems. Call Pauls Plumbing on 0406 071 659 when you need quick, affordable hot water repairs.

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