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ChIJKx6qCxdLkWsRsjQr7QvIPp4 2be749200ae13308aaccf2603e8d4614 - Blocked SinkCourtney Dziuma
12:03 21 Mar 24
Pauls plumbing has exceptional reviews because he is exceptional. I made an enquiry for a new hot water system and less than 24 hours Paul was installing said hot water system. He is professional, friendly, vibrant, excellent prices and does quality work. Couldn’t be any happier and so thankful we decided to go with Paul’s plumbing. I’d only ever recommend Paul’s plumbing and anticipate to use him when we renovate our house. Super happy

ChIJKx6qCxdLkWsRsjQr7QvIPp4 886e116987d4a1b367e53920a8d41a3d - Blocked SinkBonjee
04:15 21 Mar 24
A big thank you to Paul and Bou , they helped a damsel in distress when the pipe under my kitchen sink exploded and water was going everywhere!!!! , they texted me when plumber was on his way , bou was promt efficient And a really nice chap to boot,. Bou had my water my working again in no time. Thank you to Pauls Plumbing will def use you again and also your rates were Fantastic. Once again a big thank you 🙏

ChIJKx6qCxdLkWsRsjQr7QvIPp4 b3f1e575a836e7a3c7ab10c6d015484d - Blocked SinkRed Dog91
22:22 18 Mar 24
Fantastic, friendly service.When the plumber knew he was going to be late, he gave me a courtesy call.Can't fault their service!

ChIJKx6qCxdLkWsRsjQr7QvIPp4 f24d3a019459c689ade0baaefaa16616 - Blocked SinkPeter Hoppner
11:05 11 Mar 24
Paul did a fantastic job replacing the toilet and water pump. Was very affordable prices and was quick to come out to look at the requested job. Kept me informed on the progress of the job. Would highly recommend him and would get him again if required.

ChIJKx6qCxdLkWsRsjQr7QvIPp4 e349b05037d6d9ef4d0b1a313ba0e711 - Blocked SinkBrad Robinson
00:25 06 Feb 24
Did a thorough free quote, prices were great in comparison to a few others, even discovered a burst main which the other companies didn't! Started the job promptly, all done to a great standard in 2 hours. Would absolutely recommend.

ChIJKx6qCxdLkWsRsjQr7QvIPp4 95a9e84b6126fbcdaa486cde517931b5 - Blocked SinkMichael Allen
22:54 02 Jan 24
Had Paul's plumbing attend out house to install a new toilet after we had another company do a no show.Paul's plumbing attended in less than 24 hours, competitive price, professional service and tidy work! Will be using them again definately

ChIJKx6qCxdLkWsRsjQr7QvIPp4 b855f5de0bdeb110929f221c31b47e1f - Blocked SinkAnita Richards
01:36 22 Nov 23
"We are extremely pleased with the service provided by this group. They efficiently replaced our old solar hot water cylinder with a new electric one. Their communication was excellent, they were punctual, friendly, and completed the job quickly. We'll definitely choose this company again for future needs."

ChIJKx6qCxdLkWsRsjQr7QvIPp4 004c723a080163df2df64d7fd0e8d90c - Blocked SinkMike Power
02:41 17 Sep 23
Paul is reliable and frank about estimates. Once he made contact he turned up on time and completed the job within 60 minutes. I got him back to rebuild the bathroom. That took a month in spite of the immediate start.


Paul’s plumbing is going to tell you ways to unblocked your kitchen sink drain on your own without calling a plumber. Usually, Blocked sink can be cleared with a plunger or snake.

Hair buildup, soap scum buildup, and broken pipes can all cause sink to block.

Before attempting to clear a blocked sink drain yourself, locate the source of the blockage by inspecting the drain further down from where you first see a mess.

Ensure that the trap under the sink is not blocked and clean of hair or soap scum, as well as flotsam from the previous day’s housekeeping.

Make sure that each pipe in your plumbing system is free of cracks and breaks.

In the event that your pipes show signs of damage, you should call Paul’s Plumbing immediately.

The only time to pay for professional assistance is when you really need it.

In the event that you fail to clear a blocked sink yourself, you could experience future leaks and more expensive repairs.

Paying a small amount now to unblock your sink will save you from having to deal with more costly repairs later.

Call Paul Today for Blocked sink near me at 0406 071 659.

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  • On time arrival is our priority
  • The quality of our work is guaranteed
  • Our promises are kept
  • We clean up on completion
  • Our team has all the tools to unblock your toilet

Paul’s Plumbing has experienced and professional plumbers. Whether you are in Brisbane or Ipswich, we provide fast and reliable service. You can reach Paul at 0406 071 659 at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common signs of a blocked sink?

  • Slow draining water or a sink that won’t drain at all?
  • Nasty drain smell back?
  • Are there strange noises coming from your pipes?
  • Does your sink smell bad?

What’s the best way to unblock a badly blocked sink?

Pour baking soda and white vinegar down the drain. You’ll hear a fizzing sound as the baking soda and vinegar start working. After a few minutes, wash the mixture down the drain with hot water. You can also use soda crystals to unblock the sink.

What causes a kitchen sink to block?

Food scraps are the most common cause of sink blockages in the kitchen. Occasionally, a few scraps may wash through the pipes with the water, but dumping the leftovers in the sink instead of the kitchen bin may lead to a blockage sooner or later.

What eats through hair in a drain?

A basic chemical is bleach, and an acidic chemical is hair. As a result of the neutralization reaction between an acid and a base, water and salt are formed. Any fiber with acidic properties can be dissolved by bleach. Pour a cup of liquid bleach down the drain next time your bathroom sink, shower, or bathtub is slow.

What acid do plumbers use to unclog drains?

It’s hydrochloric acid. Plumbing professionals around the world use hydrochloric acid, also known as muriatic acid, to clear clogged drains. Use it carefully because it’s a strong acid that can cause serious injuries.

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