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Hot Water System Service

Ensure that your hot water system is working properly by having one of Paul’s Plumbing’s hot water plumbers service it. Are you aware that your hot water system requires a service every five years? Paul’s hot water plumbers can extend the life of your system. Below are some tips on how to service your heater on your own.

Hot Water System H50 Expansion Control Valve

When your hot water heater goes through its normal heating cycle, the Expansion Control Valve (H50) is designed to relieve the pressure that is caused by the expansion of the hot water caused by the expansion of the hot water during the heating process of the hot water heater.

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Hot water system Ht55 Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve

Hot water heaters are equipped with HT55 valves that are mainly used to prevent overpressurization which can occur due to the cold water entering the tank from the inlet, which sometimes leads to the tank malfunctioning. If you store water in unvented containers, you are at risk of overheating the container and causing the hot water heater to drip water all the time as a result of overpressure. As a result, you will be left with a continuous drip of water, which will cost you money over time. An ideal way to reduce the pressure in your cold water inlet would be to install a pressure reducing valve so that you can reduce the pressure. 

Most hot water heater manufacturers require a pressure of less than 500 kpa for their products. 

Pressure reduction valve

The main advantage of using a pressure reduction valve is the fact that it reduces the amount of water pressure coming from the water mains, which will reduce wear and tear on your pipes, your hot water tank and your tapware, as well as preventing any potential damage from taking place. It is important to note that most manufacturers of hot water heaters and tapware require less than 500 kPa of pressure to operate their products. There is a risk of your warranty being voided if your pressure exceeds 500 kpa.

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Hot water tank Tempering valve

 A tempering valve restricts the temperature of hot water tank that can be used in your home. A shower, for instance, is a fixture that uses hot water for the purpose of personal hygiene.  In less than half a second, 70°C hot water can cause third-degree burns on a child. A tempering valve in a hot water system is designed to allow the use of hot water no more than 50 degrees Celsius.

You can ensure that your hot water heater will last for many years to come by following these tips when it comes to servicing your hot water tank, and if you follow them, your hot water heater will last for many years to come. You should, however, always consult with a professional if you are unsure whether or not you should have your system serviced, if you are ever unsure about the need to do so. The technician will be able to assess your system and inform you of the results.

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