With over 20 years of experience, Paul and his team of dedicated professional plumbers are well equipped to handle any plumbing issue, regardless of scale. While specialising in plumbing maintenance, we excel in both small and large plumbing jobs. Our services extend beyond residential properties as we also collaborate with builders, real estate professionals and project managers to meet their plumbing needs. We understand the importance of functioning plumbing systems and that’s why we strive to complete our work on time and within the quoted price. When you encounter a plumbing problem, big or small, we’re the plumber in Ipswich will be at your service promptly.

Your Master Plumber In Ipswich

During our many years in the industry, Paul’s Plumbing has developed a strong reputation in the local community for providing exceptional plumbing services every day. We are also proud to be master plumbers with the Queensland Building & Construction Commission. This is important because it means that we can use our exceptional plumbing skills to solve any issue you might have with your plumbing system. And as master plumbers with lots of training and experience under our belts, we can repair your pipes properly the first time so you don’t need to waste your money on multiple callouts. It’s no wonder our plumbing services are always in such high demand.

Paul’s Plumbing Covers Bathroom Renovations

As well as all general plumbing services, we have plenty of experience when it comes to bathroom renovations. Our plumbers can help you upgrade your bathroom, replacing all your fittings and fixtures to create a contemporary space or we can help you to complete your full scale bathroom transformation. Our professional plumbers can provide you with all the advice you need to create a bathroom that suits your style and tastes and will help you to get the most out of your upgrade. We do understand that bathroom renovations can be daunting, which is why our team will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. With a Paul’s plumber, Ipswich renovations can be a breeze and we can help you to create the perfect space where you can freshen up to start the day or wash your worries away and relax at the end of a long day.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a leaky tap, can I fix it myself?

If you have a leaky tap, it is possible to fix it yourself in some cases. The first step is to determine the type of tap you have, as different types may require different repair methods. Generally, fixing a leaky tap involves replacing worn out washers or O-rings, which are commonly the cause of the issue. You can find replacement parts at a local hardware store or plumbing supply shop. However, it’s important to note that DIY tap repairs require some basic plumbing knowledge and the right tools. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable with tackling the repair yourself, it’s best to consult our plumber in Ipswich. We have the expertise to properly diagnose the problem, ensure the correct parts are used and provide a lasting solution. Attempting a DIY repair without sufficient experience or tools could potentially lead to further damage or complications.

What causes low water pressure?

Low water pressure can be caused by various factors. One common cause is a problem with the water supply system, such as a water main break or a malfunctioning pressure regulator. Another possible culprit is a blockage or restriction in the plumbing pipes, which can be due to mineral deposits, sediment buildup or even a partially closed valve. Leaks in the plumbing system, whether visible or hidden, can result in reduced water pressure. If you have recently installed new fixtures or appliances, they may require higher water pressure than your current system can provide. Issues with the municipal water supply, such as high demand or maintenance work, can also temporarily affect water pressure. To accurately identify the cause of low water pressure and find an appropriate solution, it is advisable to consult our plumber in Ipswich who can assess your specific situation and provide the necessary repairs or adjustments.

Why does my toilet keep running?

There’s nothing more annoying than flushing a toilet and a few minutes later, you still hear it running. When this has been occurring for a little while, it can drain the water in the toilet or make it more difficult to flush the toilet the next time you use it. The usual reason for this is that the flap at the bottom of the tank isn’t sealing shut property. Jiggling the toilet button is a temporary fix but you should contact Paul’s Plumbing and we’ll send a plumber in Ipswich to you who will be able to get your toilet flushing properly again in no time at all.

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