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Blocked Toilet

Having a Blocked toilet can be a frustrating experience. Our drainage specialists are fast and efficient at locating the toilet drain and unblocking your toilet Plumber clear blockage fast and easy

 There are a number of reasons why your toilet become blocked.

The technician will use a variety of methods to unblock your toilet based on the cause of the blockage.

The team at Paul’s Plumbing has a hydro jetter, air snakes, hand rods, plungers, and an electric eel to unblock your blocked toilet immediately

Most blocked toilets are commonly caused by: 

Too much toilet paper, Toys, Sanitary items

Wet wipes ,Tissues,Paper towels

trees roots ,Hair,Nappies,toilet ducks and broken pipe

 If you require immediate assistance with your clogged toilet.

Our 24/7emergency plumber service can assist you call today on 0406 071 659.

Why Choose Us?

On time arrival is our priority

The quality of our work is guaranteed

Our promises are kept

We clean up on completion

Our team has all the tools to unblock your toilet

Paul’s Plumbing has experienced and professional plumbers. Whether your in Brisbane or Ipswich, we provide fast and reliable service. You can reach Paul at 0406 071 659 at any time.


How to unblock blocked toilet pipe ?

Here are some ways to unblock your toilet.

You can use a coat hanger snake by using a coat hanger.

Use a coat hanger and make Your Own Dec logger.

Use a plastic bottle to plunge.

Vinegar and baking soda will unblock your toilet.

Do blocked toilets eventually unblock themselves?

Over time, a blocked toilet will typically block itself. The majority of items that block toilets are water-soluble, which means they will dissolve in the toilet water over time. The pressure of a flush should be sufficient to break down the blockage when it has had time to break down.

Can a plumber fix a blocked drains ?

Pauls Plumbing’s plumbers clear blockage every day and can fix any problem Get your problem resolved as soon as possible – before water damage or unsanitary living conditions occur

When should you call a plumber for a blocked toilet?

When corrosive chemicals haven’t worked to unclog the toilet, it may also be time to call a plumber clear blockage.

if you are experiencing a blocked toilet and need a plumber for blocked toilet near me call pauls plumbing by calling 0406 071 659 today

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