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Blocked drains in Brisbane are a common problem that can easily affect homes and businesses of all sizes. If water is unable to flow freely through a sink, toilet, bathtub or any other opening, the drain may start to overflow and cause damage to the home or building. Because of this frustrating, yet common problem, many plumbers install overflow relief gullies which are designed to mitigate overflow outside of the home or building. A gully should be 110mm lower than the lowest fixture outside the house to prevent water from overflowing and causing an unwanted mess.

The Number 1 Blocked Drain Plumber In Brisbane

Paul’s Plumbing began our journey 25 years ago as a humble, family-run business. Now we’ve matured into a successful and reputable plumbing business who locals can turn to when they need a dedicated blocked drain plumber in Brisbane. Paul’s Plumbing proudly provides high quality plumbing services to the residents, businesses and real estates around the areas of Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan. We’ve developed a reputation for being one of the best in the industry and that’s because Paul’s Plumbing stands out by providing the highest quality work as well as getting the job done right the first time, whenever it comes to fixing blocked drains Brisbane wide.

How We Can Help With Your Blocked Drains In Brisbane

Here at Paul’s Plumbing, we utilise a high-pressure jetter to clear blocked drains in Brisbane. Our high-pressure jetter emits water at 4300 psi and 31 litres per minute, making it easy to flush out any blocked drains. Hydro jetting has proven to be the most effective method to remove stubborn tree roots or years of buildup in sewer lines. High-pressure water quickly clears any blockage within the pipes, allowing for waste to easily pass through.

Paul’s Plumbing also has drain cameras to find out why your drain is blocked in the first place. With our drain cameras, we can pinpoint the exact location of any blockage and fix it with minimal fuss and hassle. Our drain cameras are small and compact tools that allow us to get a clear view of what is causing the blockage within your drainage system. We are able to fix the problem quickly and efficiently without having to excavate your whole yard in order to locate the blockage.

We can recommend other solutions to allow cleaning your drain to be much easier and a less tedious process, including setting you up on a drain maintenance program so your drains will be cleaned frequently, saving you time and money in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my drains are blocked?

There are some clear signs that indicate a blocked drain, including:

  • Your drain overflows regularly or it takes a while for the water to go down
  • There’s a foul or sewage like odour coming from your drains
  • You hear a gurgling sound coming from your drains

If you’re ever not sure, just give Paul’s Plumbing a call, and one of our plumbers will be able to come and take a look for you.

What are the causes of blocked drains?

As a specialist blocked drain plumber in Brisbane, we’ve pretty much seen it all. And the main culprit of blocked drains are:

  • Hair – once it gets into the pipes the hair tangles and then other debris becomes trapped with it
  • Food – small pieces of food, tea leaves, coffee grounds, fats and oils
  • Solid objects – wet wipes, flushable wipes, sanitary products, nappies and kids toys
  • Organic matter – tree roots, leaves, dirt and garden debris

How do I stop blocked drains?

There are some simple preventive measures you can take to help prevent blocked drains. We recommend always using a sink or drain strainer to catch any food waste and avoid pouring substances like oils down the sink. You should also remove any build-up of hair from the basin, bathtub or shower.

If you have a blockage, don’t risk damaging your pipes further, always make sure you contact a professional blocked drain plumber in Brisbane.

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