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Paul and his team start by completely dismantling the bathroom down to its wooden frame, making sure to remove each sheet with great care.

Paul and his team then proceed to jackhammer the old flooring and remove it completely.

This enables us to thoroughly evaluate any areas that require fixing before proceeding with wall sheathing.


After finishing these tasks, Paul's Plumbing initiates the rough in process with their plumbers

which includes installing new hot and cold water pipe using auspex piping also installation shower mixers, bath mixers as well as water outlets for vanity units while simultaneously addressing all drainage issues within this stripped-down state of the bathroom. Paul and his team only use parts from Reece or Tradelink


Our electricians enter the picture once plumbing work behind walls is complete, allowing them to smoothly perform their required job duties while maintaining safety standards and avoiding interference with other contractors' efforts during bathroom renovations.

After confirming everything at an initial level, one critical aspect that requires attention is the installation process Sheet your renovated bathroom using 6mm villa board sheeting only after confirming that all work has met requisite standards.

Water Proofing stage

Next, the waterproofing process will start. Once the bathroom is properly sheeted, we move on to the critical step of waterproofing.

In this process, we ensure the entire bathroom is waterproofed carefully and efficiently to prevent any potential water damage that may occur in the future

After completing the waterproofing, we begin the important task of beading.

Beading involves creating a proper slope on the floor so that water can drain into the floor waste. Our team achieves this by using sand and cement to bed the floor at a depth of around 40mm. This creates the correct fall to ensure optimal drainage and prevents any future water damage or mold growth.

Tiling stage

After carefully choosing your colors, our tiler meticulously installs tiles that stretch from floor to ceiling.

We offer two options - 400x400 and 300x600 tiles - to cater to your specific requirements.
Every tile installation is meticulously siliconed around the wall and base to ensure longevity and durability.

Apart from guaranteeing full water resistance, this measure also secures your investment against any potential water harm due to regular usage.

Fit off Plumber

In your bathroom, the plumber will carefully connect all fixtures such as your wall mounted vanity unit, back to wall toilet installation, shower wall mixer, elegant towel rail, and sleek mirrors.

The electrician will meticulously set up all of your power points and light switches after this installation process is complete.

Shower Screen Stage

Both professionals involved in this renovation project must complete these crucial steps seamlessly before moving on to the next phase, which entails putting up a beautiful shower screen that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

Final stage

At the end of this process, we thoroughly clean your brand-new bathroom so it shines like a diamond! Our team carries out each step of the process with precision and care to deliver a stunning new bathroom that exceeds your expectations.

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