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Pauls Plumbing have been maintaining, installing and fixing up Brisbane residents toilets for over 17 years. Toilets are essential to our home and comfort of living – without them where would we be! This is why, a little toilet TLC is needed on a regular basis to prevent it from breaking down.

It’s essential you call in your local plumbers, at the first signs of a toilet problem. Like with other plumbing problems, if a broken toilet is left, things could turn nasty pretty quickly. Nasty in the way of leaking toilet water which most people want to avoid, right?

How to Tell When Your Toilet Needs Repairs

Your first step is to identify the problem your toilet is having. This is really simple to do and can be done in a few minutes. Here are the most common problems toilets have;

  • Toilet not flushing. This could point to a clogged bowl entry
  • Water is running constantly. This is generally caused by a defective fill valve seal or a problem with the ballock or float cup
  • The toilet bowl is slow filling. This could mean the valve is valve is clogged or a problem further down the pipes
  • Toilet leaking. Call in Pauls Plumbing for toilet leak repairs immediately. If left, this can lead to expensive water damage

For professional toilet installations and emergency toilet repairs, Pauls Plumbing are always on call to help out. Contact the team 24/7 on 0406 071 659 for assistance.

Posh Dominique 590 installed - Toilets

Posh Dominique

Porcher Heron 610 installed - Toilets

Porcher Heron

Posh Solus 620 installed - Toilets

Posh Solus

Caroma profile 4 820 installed - Toilets

Caroma profile 4

Posh Dominique 665 - Toilets

Posh Dominique

Posh Solus 755 installed - Toilets

Posh Solus

Porcher Studio 770 installed - Toilets

Porcher Studio

Caroma Milan 880 installed - Toilets

Caroma Milan

Base with plastic toilet cistern 460 installed - Toilets

Base with plastic toilet cistern

Posh solus with plastic toilet cistern 490 installed - Toilets

Posh solus with plastic toilet cistern

Posh Dominique with Vitreous China cistern 535 installed - Toilets

Posh Dominique with Vitreous China cistern

Posh Solus with Vitreous China cistern 605 installed - Toilets

Posh Solus with Vitreous China cistern

Need an Emergency Plumber?

Do you require an emergency plumber in the Brisbane West area? Then please contact us immediately on 0406 071 659.

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