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Pauls Plumbing have been maintaining, installing and fixing up Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan residents toilets for over 17 years. Toilets are essential to our home and comfort of living – without them where would we be! This is why, a bit of toilet TLC is needed on a regular basis to prevent it from breaking down.

You should call your local plumber as soon as you notice a problem with your toilet. Broken toilets, like other plumbing issues, could quickly turn nasty if left untreated. Most people would like to avoid leaking toilet water, right?

Leaking Toilet repairs

A toilet cistern leak or a leaking toilet can be an annoying nuisance that can quickly escalate to a more serious plumbing issue. Toilet cistern leaks can waste liters of water, resulting in higher utility bills and potential water damage. A faulty or worn out outlet washer is one of the most common causes of toilet cistern leaks. Water is held in the toilet cistern by the outlet valve washer. The washer lifts up when you press the button and lets water enter the toilet bowl, flushing your waste away. If this part is worn out, water can continuously flow into the toilet bowl and a toilet cistern washer replacement is need to fix the toilet cistern leak.

Paul’s Plumbing has toilet plumbers who are well versed when it comes to toilet plumbing. We supply, service, replace, and install all types of cisterns. Our toilet plumber technicians will provide you with the best long-term solution for your toilet cistern repair. We work with all brands and models. From Caroma Luna to Villeroy & Boch, Posh, Roca toilets, we have you covered.

Toilet Plumber near me

To fix your toilet, Our toilet plumber must first identify the problem. The process is really simple and can be done in a few minutes. The following are the most common problems with toilets:

  • There is a problem flushing the toilet. Your toilet cistern may not be filling up
  • What is the cause of my toilet leaking through the floor? You might have a disintegrated Pan seal that is leaking water
  • It seems like there is a constant flow of water in the toilet bowl. Inlet valve failure or worn out cistern washers cause this problem
  • Toilet bowl is not draining. You may have a small paper blockage. and need a toilet plumber. 
  • Leaking toilet. Contact Paul’s  Plumbing right away if you notice a leak in your toilet. Leaving this unattended can result in costly water damage
  • What is the cost of fixing a leaky toilet? Labor and materials cost between $165 and $220 per toilet, depending on the leak
  • We could be there today 0406 071 659

For professional toilet installation plumber  and emergency toilet repairs, Pauls Plumbing are always on call to help out. Contact the team 24/7 on 0406 071 659 and find out why we are the best plumbers for toilets !

Posh Dominique 590 installed - Toilets

Posh Dominique

Porcher Heron 610 installed - Toilets

Porcher Heron

Posh Solus 620 installed - Toilets

Posh Solus

Caroma profile 4 820 installed - Toilets

Caroma profile 4

Posh Dominique 665 - Toilets

Posh Dominique

Posh Solus 755 installed - Toilets

Posh Solus

Porcher Studio 770 installed - Toilets

Porcher Studio

Caroma Milan 880 installed - Toilets

Caroma Milan

back to wall toilet installation

Getting a new toilet can be a good idea if your old one is looking worn and tired, or isn’t working reliably. You can save a lot of money on your next water bill by using modern toilets that have better coatings and flush mechanisms. Your bathroom will even look clean and modern with concealed cisterns. All things considered, it is well worth the cost of installing a new toilet of good quality.

Whether you want to replace an existing toilet, install a back-to-wall toilet, or install a rimless back-to-wall toilet or a comfort height toilet, we have the right one for you. With the help of our toilet plumbers, we can find the right toilet for your needs at the right price, ensuring you will be happy with the toilet for years to come.

Give Pauls Plumbing a call today to find out why we’re the best plumbers in Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan for toilet installation Plumbers 0406 071 659 

Base with plastic toilet cistern 460 installed - Toilets

Base with plastic toilet cistern

Posh solus with plastic toilet cistern 490 installed - Toilets

Posh solus with plastic toilet cistern

Posh Dominique with Vitreous China cistern 535 installed - Toilets

Posh Dominique with Vitreous China cistern

Posh Solus with Vitreous China cistern 605 installed - Toilets

Posh Solus with Vitreous China cistern

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Do you require an emergency plumber in the Brisbane West area? Then please contact us immediately on 0406 071 659.

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