Hydro Jetting & Jet Rodding

Hydro Jetting & Jet Rodding

Hydro jetting or jet rodding is the method of using the cutting power of high pressure water to cut through blockages including tree roots, grease, silt and solid blockages.

The water is pumped to pressures up to 5000 PSI using a petrol motor. The high pressure water is then pumped through a hose which is deployed in to the drain. The end of the hose has an attachment that shoots a stream of water forwards to clear the path ahead.

At the same time the attachment is also shooting streams of water behind it which is what propels the hose through the pipes. There are many different attachments that can be fitted to the hose that correspond to the type and size of the pipe as well as the suspected blockage type.

Hydro jetting is simply the most modern and efficient way to clear a blocked drain and is 30% more efficient than the old drain machines. Leaves you with a better clean, longer time between blockages and a quicker more efficient service.

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