Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

As your home ages blockages may become an ongoing issue. Stop the stress! Let Eps tailor a maintenance schedule to suit you and your property.

Letting tree roots grow out actually makes the problem worse with the drain being damaged in some cases beyond the capabilities of a simple clean.
We can book preventative maintenance cleanouts making sure you’re never stuck with a block drain again.
Alternatively, we can use a camera in your drains to locate damage pipes and those troublesome spots and give you a written quote.

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  • Step one is to unblock the drain. Hydro jetting uses high pressure water to cut tree roots and dislodge blockages. Hydro jetting also flushes out sand, silt and even concrete debris.
  • Step two is to identify the cause of the blockage. Once the drain is unblocked, an inspection by camera is possible. We use the latest digital camera equipment to view the cause of the blockage whether it be a cracked pipe or tree roots. We can easily record the entire inspection in high definition to a USB flash drive for your convenience. If a fault with the pipe is found during the inspection, we can use a radio frequency locator to identify the exact location of the fault including its depth.
  • If tree roots are found to be re-growing aggressively after being cleared from the drain, the pipes can be treated with herbicidal foam that kills the offending roots while leaving the tree or shrub unharmed. The foam guarantees the tree roots will not regrow within 12 months.
  • Sometimes a blockage is severe or the pipe has been damaged so badly that a repair is the only option. Using the locator, we can pinpoint the area that requires repair and dig up and rectify the issue with minimal mess.

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