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Many of Sherwood’s beautiful houses may require some repairs or updates to their plumbing system. Perhaps you are a business owner in Sherwood who needs some commercial plumbing installed in your business. As a matter of fact, Paul’s Plumbing does this every single day of the week. During my time as a plumber, I have helped the residents and businesses of Sherwood with their Kitchen and bathroom renovations, leaking hot water systems, toilets repairs and installations, and blocked drains.

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With our qualified Master plumbers and Queensland Building and Construction Commission members, we can solve all your plumbing problems. Our specialists are fully qualified and experienced in repairing damaged drain pipes and toilet pipes. We use a drain camera to see what’s blocking your drainage system. As a result, your blocked drain pipes will not become clogged again. We also use our high pressure jet rodder to remove any blockages in your drains quickly and efficiently.

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Paul’s Plumbing has experienced and professional plumbers who are quick and reliable. We provide services in Brisbane and Ipswich. Call us at 0406 071 659, seven days a week

If you are in need of plumbing services, think of Pauls Plumbing. Whether it is leak detectionblocked sewer drains, hot water systems repairs and installations and toilet installations we are capable of handling it all.  They want to be the best plumbers that you have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Renovation plumber in Sherwood

Bathroom renovations are no small task, and knowing where to begin can be difficult. Would you like your renovation job to be as perfect as possible? Choose an experienced plumber who has successfully completed countless projects in Oxley! You won’t have to deal with any mess or fuss!

Paul and his team have expertise in all areas of kitchen and bathroom renovations, toilet replacement, and wall-mounted vanity to shower mixer taps.

Bathroom Renovations in Sherwood 0406 071 659 

Hot water system repairs in Oxley

When it comes to electric hot water systems in Oxley, Paul’s Plumbing is the plumbing service to call. Our plumbers can provide you with peace of mind by repairing your hot water service in a timely manner.

Paul’s Plumbing has the tools and expertise necessary to fix any issue with your hot water unit. You can trust our hot water plumbers to fix your hot water unit safely and efficiently. This is whether it’s replacing a part or performing maintenance on your hot water tempering valves. Additionally, they provide advice on how to maintain your system so that future problems can be avoided in addition to performing thorough inspections and repairs.

You will be able to get hot water again thanks to the hot water plumber. We also use only the highest quality parts from Reece Plumbing, including Thermann hot water systems and Rheem hot water systems.


Leaking shower repairs Sherwood

If you’ve ever seen your shower leaking from base or into the hallway or thought to yourself, ‘my shower is leaking behind the wall,’ you’re not alone. Shower leaks happen constantly.

For over 12 years, Paul’s Plumbing have been diagnosing and repairing leaking showers in Oxley, so we have seen it all. We often find holes in the waterproofing or no waterproofing at all, or leaky shower mixer taps. We specialize in repairing leaking showers and fixing shower leaks. Our expert plumbers use the latest equipment to identify and repair leaks in showers.

Blocked drain services Sherwood

With a team of highly qualified and experienced blocked drain plumbers, Paul’s Plumbing is the ideal choice for all your plumbing requirements. Their professional blocked drain plumbers can assist you with anything from a stubbornly blocked kitchen sink to problems with your shower drain. In order to tackle the most difficult blockages, they make use of the latest technology, CCTV drain cameras and other equipment in order to minimize the damage to surrounding structures.

Rain water tanks Sherwood 

installing a rainwater tank and pump can provide numerous benefits to homeowners. Firstly, it helps in significantly reducing the water bill as one can use harvested rainwater for washing clothes, watering gardens, cleaning cars filling up toilets and topping up swimming pools among other uses. Installing a rainwater tank is also beneficial to the environment as it reduces storm water run-off which could otherwise cause flooding and damage natural waterways. Moreover, correctly installed tanks are designed to protect stored water from contamination by pests or dirt and can be connected to a home’s  outside taps, laundry taps, washing machines taps and toilets taps

Emergency Plumber Sherwood

Do you need urgent assistance with your plumbing in Sherwood. Whenever you need a emergency plumber, we are just a phone call away, 24 hours a day. Now is the time to call 0406 071 659. Whatever the time of day, whether it is four in the afternoon or two in the morning. If you experience problems with your hot water system, or urgent pipe repairs. You can count on our dedicated team to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.You can count on us as your local Sherwood plumbers. Our services include all types of plumbing, blocked drains, and hot water and shower tap

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