Attention Corinda residents, your plumber is waiting to help you!

The beautiful homes of Corinda, may need their plumbing fixed or updated. Or are you a business in Corinda that needs some commercial plumbing installed. This is what Pauls Plumbing does, every day. Help the residents and local businesses of Corinda with their plumbing problems or systems.

Master of the pipes and Big plumbing jobs too

As qualified Master plumbers and members of the Queensland Building & Construction Commission, we offer you real plumbing skills to solve all number of plumbing issues. Our training and experience means we can fix your pipes properly so it doesn’t happen again.

Our specialty is in commercial plumbing, so large complex plumbing jobs are what we thrive on. We work with builders, architects and project managers to ensure your job is finished exactly how you wanted it and on time. We know how important deadlines are on large sites and we constantly strive to achieve them.

Think you need plumbing, think Pauls Plumbing. From leak detection, grease traps, hot water, we can do the lot. With lots of fine testimonials, Pauls Plumbing is happy you called and want to give you the best plumbing service you have ever had. You won’t be disappointed, ever. Call now on 04 2809 0336 to speak directly with Paul from Pauls Plumbing.

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